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Asteroid offers a wide range of domains in which you can get yourself trained. As per the demands of the growing technical industry in all dimensions may be development, engineering, creative designing or professional training we have something for everyone.
Experience it yourself as a professional, since your trainers being the most experienced trainers of the industry it really doesn’t matters if you are a beginner or an advanced learner. At the end of the course you will be a certified expert.
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    Exit Profile: Hadoop Developer, Data Analyst, Big Data Developer
    Duration: 40Hrs
    Level: Basic programming skills with a bit data concepts
    Resources: Every candidate should carry a laptop
    Brief Description: The data is expanding day by day throughout the world. As per experts the Big Data Engineers will be the highest paid engineers by 2016 because they are required to do analytics on data which is continuously expanding. The power of cloud and distributed computing together makes it possible. After getting trained in Big Data you are directly applicable to work in a firm hiring big data engineers. For more information google Big Data to see its demands today.
    Prerequisites: Java and SQL programming is a plus point but not must. Even if you know basic programming its enough.
    Candidates in a Team: 1
    Big Data Development
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