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    Intel's Edison Board

    The Intel Edison is a tiny computer offered by Intel as a development system for wearable devices. The system was initially announced to be the same size and shape as an SD card and contain a dual-core Intel Quark x86 CPU at 400 MHz communicating via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. A later announcement changed the CPU to a 22 nm Silvermont dual-core Intel Atom CPU.

    The second version of the board was presented in September 2014. Its dimensions are 35.5 x 25 x 3.9 mm, with components on both sides. The board's main SoC is a 22 nm Intel Atom "Tangier" (Z34XX) that includes two Atom Silvermont cores running at 500 MHz and one Intel Quark core at 100 MHz (for executing RTOS ViperOS). The SoC has 1 GB RAM integrated on package. There is also 4 GB eMMC flash on board, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4 and USB controllers. The board has 70-pin dense connector (Hirose DF40) with USB, SD, UARTs, GPIOs. It runs Yocto Linux with development support for Arduino IDE, Eclipse (C, C++, Python) , Intel XDK (NodeJS, HTML5), and Wolfram.

    Brand : Intel
    Item Height: 45 Millimeters
    Item Width: 9 Centimeters
    Item Weight: 209 g
    Product Dimensions: 16 x 9 x 4.5 cm
    Item model number: EDI1ARDUIN.AL.K
    Lithium battery Weight: 5 Grams

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