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    What is Asteroid Learning
    Asteroid is now an emerging initiative to bring together the people who wish to learn technology to our energetic Asteroid Educators using our learner’s network. We need to separate the boundaries between a learner and an educator and that's our mission irrespective of the abilities and place where the learner lives. We love innovation and that's all we do. At Asteroid we have a team of professionals, engineers, designers and developers who are actually part of various industries, together we build such a solid base of knowledge that learning can become fun.
    Who should use Asteroid
    Anyone, yes you heard it right. We truly wish to eliminate age, gender and profession boundaries for learning. Our process of learning is simplified for everyone. you don’t have to put too much effort to learn new skills even if you’re a beginner.
    How can one join Asteroid
    Its quite simple to join asteroid, all you need to do is to signup to our online portal www.asteroidlearning.com and proceed to login. You can find learner’s login under Roles >> Learner. You can now personalize your profile the way you want, create classes, manage class, connect to learners, invite learners to your class, participate in other classes, buddify and even you can request to act as an educator. The social network tracks people matching to your interest and near to you and make it possible to collaborate and interact with them.
    What is a Classroom
    A classroom is your request to Asteroid Learning to organize sessions on skills at your desired location near to you. By creating the Classroom you become the Class Admin and you may invite your nearby learners to join your class through our social network. We send a confirmation link as an invitation to other learners so that there might not be any issue of discrepancy. You may choose from the infrastructure providence either by yourself or Asteroid Management will do it for you. If you’re a student then your school classroom or university classroom, labs may work with the proper written permission from the administration of your institute. For professionals seeking training, your office, meeting rooms, leisure rooms may work as a classroom with a proper written permission from your administration. All written permissions should be uploaded by the Admin itself against the Classroom he/she created. For individuals up to few members like ten, your own home or a comfortable place with proper comfort level for learners will work as a classroom. In case you’re not able to provide the classroom Asteroid Management will do it for you with a nominal increment in per learner charges. However Class Admin will have to pay the nominal increment if caused.
    What fee is charged by Asteroid
    Our pricing policy is dynamic and decreases with increase in number of participants. It means more participant learners results to less fee. There's absolutely no fee for Class Admins and our premium members, thus if you’re the class admin of a class having candidates more than five excluding you, you pay nothing to us. A premium membership can be availed for minimum six to maximum twelve months priced at ₹10000 a month in which you can request for any skill at any place at any number of learners. Under premium validity time period one kind of skill request can be made only once. Premium membership is not applicable for Game Development and Big Data Analytics. Asteroid Learning reserves the right to change pricing slab, with prior notice to the current Class Admins.
    Fee Refund
    If any class is cancelled due to any cause by either Class Admin or Asteroid hundred percent fee is refunded to the learners. However no fee refund is possible in case of absence of a learner in a class.
    Cities where Asteroid is available
    Your city may or may not be available as the service area of Asteroid. We’re continuously expanding our service area, currently services of Asteroid are available in more than a thousand cities across India. Final confirmation of a request will be verified by Asteroid Management through telephonic conversation with the Classroom Admin. Just in case your city is not available to our autosuggested cities, then too you may request for the Classroom however the final commencement of Class is subject to the availability at new location. At any stage Asteroid reserves the right to cancel the Classroom request at any city with full refund of any payments if made.
    I don’t have a Computer
    Having a laptop or a desktop computer is not a must to avail the skills, but its highly recommended if you could arrange one. You may share the computing resources from a friend learner attending the Class. Does Asteroid provides Laptop? Yes, but only in the cities having Asteroid regional centers, at an additional cost of ₹1200 per Laptop for a class. However, at the end of the course the laptop has to be returned back to Asteroid in good conditions.
    Infrastructure Requirements
    For a Classroom, seating arrangement for all learners is essential along with power facility for laptops operation. Classroom or Meeting room equipped with a projector and sound system is a good ideal infrastructure. How ever its not a must. But just in case the classroom size exceeds a hundred people then sound system and projector facility is highly recommended to impart complete quality learning. An institute seminar room or office seminar room is perfect to act as a classroom infrastructure. A Class Admin has the power to charge a suitable amount from participating learners for making suitable arrangements if required, Asteroid has nothing to do with in between expenditures.
    Certification Examination
    Asteroid conducts a certification exam after successful completion of the course. Its mandatory for all the learners to participate in the certification exam failing which he/she will not be awarded with the Asteroid Learning certificate. However just in case of exceptional unavoidable case a learner who has missed the certification exam can visit any Asteroid Learning regional centers across India within one year from the date of completion of course and take the certification exam after which he/she will be awarded with the Asteroid Learning certificate. Your certificate is globally acceptable and can be verified from anywhere by quoting the AIR number of the certificate in the website of Asteroid Learning.
    Can school children attend a Classroom
    All our trainings require a basic mathematics and science knowledge, thus a student of eighth grade or higher can attend the Asteroid Learning classrooms. However to act as a Classroom Admin the candidate should be at least 18 years old since all the financial transactions will be carried out with Classroom Admin. However since there is no fee for a Class Admin for learners above five, parents or any adult care taker may act as Classroom Admin. There are some courses which require a prerequisite knowledge of basic computer programming for such courses school children are advised to not to take part if they’re not ready with basic computer skills. However, with Asteroid its not at all essential to have a deep knowledge in any of rocket sciences.
    What study materials are provided by Asteroid Learning
    Depending upon course we provide with the soft copy of a bulk of study materials, videos, examples, workouts and slideshows developed by Asteroid for quick and effective learning. We may provide some take away referential books which are highly recommended by us. Along with study materials we do provide trial software, freeware and utility software as the softcopy to every learner. We do not provide any of these in a disk or flash media we only provide with the soft copies. None of the study material, software and videos provided by Asteroid should be replicated and pirated by any of the learner, is a punishable offence under cyber crime and shall be dealt with law. All the materials provided as a soft copy is copyright protected by their respective manufacturers.
    Whom to contact in case of any query
    For any query feel free to contact to our 24 hour helpline, see About us. You may also drop us an e-mail to our training team at

    I have a complain regarding service/employee of Asteroid
    Drop your mail at


    Even then if your issue doesn’t get solved, quoting your complain reference number forward your complain to CEO office at

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